On June 24 Canva invited all users to enter the #Canvacup, a design contest to celebrate the launch of Canva in seven new languages. The designs submitted are evaluated by three judges, among which Guy Kawasaki, Chief evangelist at Canva.

Because the contest was launched on the same day we celebrate the International Day of the #‎Romanianblouse, I thought it’s a great opportunity for me to design for this occasion.

So this is my design for #canvacup, international design category:


But allow me to tell you my story with Canva.

I’ve been using Canva since November 2015. I read about it in one of Hubspot’s newsletters, in which I was given access to an eBook written by Hubspot with Canva about using design for a greater impact: How to design graphics that convert.

So I’ve downloaded the eBook and began studying it. I knew I was going to manage Lidia’s Facebook page – Tricouri cu cristale by Lydia beginning with December 2015 and I felt from my previous experience managing Facebook pages that I would rely on images and other visuals a lot more than before. So I needed something else, I wasn’t happy with Windows Paint anymore. So the timing was perfect! The first image I worked on Canva was the Facebook cover photo for Lidia’s Swarovski studded t shirts: and I liked the result!

It’s been eight months now and I turn to Canva almost every day. And the people of Canva noticed because in April I received a message from Zach Kitschke, Head of Communications for Canva beginning with this:

Hey there,

It’s not everyday that we reach out to users personally – but I just wanted to send you a note to let you know you’re one of Canva’s most active users! We’re always blown away when we hear stories about people using Canva weekly – even daily. It really makes all the work we do at Canva worth it.

Of course I loved the attention :).

I use Canva because it helps me do my job! It’s easy, it’s complex, it offers me a lot of options free (it also has options for 1$, but I can’t say I needed any of them, the free ones did the job), it gets the creative juices flowing.

If you work in social media and you don’t have the possibility to create something visually attractive, you find yourself at a disadvantage. And the stock photos are so boring! I’d rather spend an hour and come up with something that is original than use stock photos!

Using Canva is also satisfying for me on a personal level. My family is a creative one: my mother draws beautifully and both my sister and I inherited her talent. I also draw and my sister paints. But when I had to decide which way to go as a professional, twenty years ago, I chose a more practical pathway: I decided to take advantage of my ability to learn foreign languages so I attended the Arabic language and literature courses of the Foreign languages and literature Faculty. I didn’t make a career out of it because once again I had chosen something else.

I believe people are not one-sided. We have abilities and talents that show our complexity. Perhaps having so many abilities can be confusing for an HR professional looking to hire you because it is difficult to put you in one box (as one told me – „you need to choose one and stick to it” so I can be hired…well, I’m not one thing …). But let’s get back to the subject of this article!

You can find my design for #canvacup on my Facebook account: like it and share it!

Thank you!


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